Managed Care Class Action Lawsuit

Six Iowans with significant disabilities filed a class action lawsuit in federal court to stop Governor Kim Reynolds and Department of Human Services Director Charles Palmer from arbitrarily terminating or reducing the Medicaid services they depend on to stay in their homes in the community.  If it were not for these services, the Plaintiffs and others like them would be confined in hospitals, nursing facilities or intermediate care facilities.

Find out everything you need to know about the class action lawsuit challenging the arbitrary termination of HCBS services here. Click the following link for the Press Release

Here you will find all of the pleadings filed in the class action lawsuit along with the related articles that have been published. See the following links for more information.

Copy of the Complaint

Motion for Class Action Certification

Brief in Support of Motion for Plaintiff’s Class Action Certification

Motion for Pro Hac Vice of Abigail Coursolle*

Motion for Pro Hac Vice of Elizabeth Edwards*

*Pro Hac Vice grants an out-of-district attorney temporary jurisdiction in another district*