Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) (SSI eligible or can qualify for SSI by having this plan)

  • Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS): PASS lets disabled individual set aside money and/or things he or she owns to pay for items or services needed to achieve a specific work goal.
  • A PASS allows you to set aside other income besides your SSI and/or resources for a specified period of time so that you may pursue a work goal. For example, if you receive SSDI, wages, or other income, you could set aside that money to pay expenses for education, vocational training, or starting a business as long as the expenses are related to achieving your work goal.
  • SSA does not count the income that you set aside under your PASS when figuring your SSI payment amount. SSA will not count the resources that you set aside under your PASS when determining your initial and continuing eligibility for SSI.
  • PASS Form SSA 545:

Your PASS must:

  • Be designed especially for you;
  • Be in writing. SSA prefers that you use form SSA-545-BK.
  • Have a specific work goal that you are capable of performing;
  • Have a specific timeframe for reaching your goal;
  • Show what money (other than your SSI payments) and other resources you have or receive that you will use to reach your goal;
  • Show how your money and resources will be used to reach your work goal;
  • Show how the money you set aside will be kept separate from other funds;
  • Be approved by the Social Security PASS Specialist; and
  • Be reviewed periodically by the PASS Specialist to assure your plan is actually helping you achieve progress.
  • PASS Calculator

If you would like assistance in completing your PASS application, contact :

Voice: 1-866-968-7842

TTY: 1-866-833-2967

You will then be contacted by a local Community Work Incentives Coordinator.