Education Factsheets

Education for Children with Disabilities
Tips for Getting Quality Education Services

Special Education Tip #1:

“Put It In Writing” – A large part of having a well-documented special education file for your child is making sure that you have important correspondence with the school in writing. A good example of this would be a parent who calls the school to discuss a bullying issue that the child informed her about that day. After the phone call, the parent sends an e-mail thanking the school for their time and confirming what was discussed in the phone conversation. The parent then saves a copy of this e-mail in the file. In this example, the parent has created a paper record of the date and time the school was notified, the description of the incident, and any action the school proposed at the time. If the bullying continued, and the parent continued to document it in this way, the parent would have solid evidence to provide an attorney if legal action is needed. This saves the parent, his/her attorney, and others from the game of “he said, she said” when these issues are being resolved at later dates.

Special Education Tip #2:

“Keep good records!” – Use a 3-ring binder to keep IEPs, reports, etc. Bring the binder with you when you go to a meeting – it will be at your fingertips. You can also insert some notebook paper and keep a log of who you talked to and when. Having your documents organized in even a simple way helps you become a full participant in a meeting.