DRI will focus on the following areas:

Expanding the access of individuals with disabilities to public and private transportation in the State of Iowa

 Why is this important? Disability Rights Iowa remains committed to ensuring people with disabilities are given the opportunity to be full participants in every area of community life. However, we understand that opportunity in many cases is dependent on the availability of dependable and accessible transportation. Thousands of Iowans rely on accessible public and private transportation to meet their professional, personal, and recreational needs, and the capacity of those systems to meet demand are often woefully inadequate. Systemic deficits in both service coverage, and quality limit the opportunity for people with disabilities to fully intact with their communities, in violation of the core principle of inclusion, which is the basis of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Possible activities to accomplish goals

  • Research access to transportation issues in Iowa and identify any limitations to employment, recreation or other types of personal
  • Research state and federal law and cases involving accessibility of public and private
  • Write a report with the information obtained on accessibility issues for individuals with disabilities in urban and rural areas of
  • Collaborate with grass roots groups and civil rights commissions throughout Iowa to draw attention to the issue.
  • Meet with and provide training to transit providers regarding their obligations under the ADA and other accessibility
  • Represent individuals or groups of individuals in administrative hearings or legal actions regarding the failure of a public or private transportation entities to comply with the ADA or other accessibility
  • Identify solutions to implement accessible and dependable transportation within the greater metro, with the aim of eventually expanding and refining this model to rural communities.