Health Care


DRI will focus on the following areas:

Overseeing the managed care system to ensure that Iowans are receiving long-term care services and supports.

Why this is important? Iowa has recently privatized its Medicaid system.  Medicaid recipients have many concerns about whether they will have the services they need under managed care, especially individuals receiving long-term services and supports.

What DRI will do?

  • Provide legal representation in the grievance and appeal processes and in state fair hearings to individuals for whom specific long-term care services have been denied, reduced or terminated;
  • Address any systemic issues in managed care that are uncovered through advocacy or litigation (e.g. MCO’s not providing notice of decisions);
  • Provide advocacy to individuals needing long-term care services and who are on home and community-based waiver waiting lists to receive home and community-based services more promptly;
  • Monitor managed care companies (MCOs) compliance with their contractual obligations with the State of Iowa to provide adequate long-term care services and supports in order to increase the number of individuals living in community based settings;