DRI will focus on the following areas:

Enforcing the rights of people with disabilities to have equal access to housing.

Why is this important? Individuals with disabilities may experience a denial of equal access to public housing or encounter a landlord who will not provide a reasonable accommodation or otherwise discriminate against them due to a disability. In addition, on DRI’s public survey, approximately 70% of the people responding stated that DRI needs to focus on strategies to get more affordable housing for individuals with disabilities.  As Priced Out 2014, a report published by the Technical Assistance Collaborative, Inc. and the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities, Housing Task Force stated: There are few groups more adversely affected by rising rental costs and the acute shortage of decent, affordable rental homes than those non-elderly adults with serious and long-term disabilities who rely on SSI for their income. This unfortunate situation forces hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities to forego having a home of their own and to choose between homelessness or placement in a segregated and restrictive institutional setting.

Possible activities to accomplish goals:

  • DRI will represent individuals with disabilities whose landlords are not providing them with reasonable accommodations;
  • DRI will represent individuals with disabilities who have been or about to be evicted based on their disabilities;
  • DRI will participate in affordable housing coalitions in Iowa and research federal or state law on legal strategies to increase affordable housing