Check out the latest version of the voter ID video produced by Iowa City Channel 4, with the assistance of the Johnson County Auditor’s office. It’s a great resource for helping voters know what to expect on Election Day.


DRI will focus on the following areas:

Eliminating inaccessible residential caucus sites and making sure that reasonable accommodations are provided to caucus participants with disabilities at all caucus sites

Why is this important? Iowans with disabilities want to fully participate in the Iowa caucuses but many are not accessible to individuals with different types of disabilities.

What DRI will do?

  • Collaborate with the political parties to eliminate any inaccessible caucus sites for Iowans with disabilities;
  • Provide individual and systemic advocacy and representation on behalf of individuals who need reasonable accommodations at their caucus sites (such as interpreters and CART services); and
  • Inform the public about their voting rights and changes and improvements that the political parties are making to the caucus system, emphasizing the benefits for the disability community.

Increasing the participation of individuals with disabilities in elections.

Why is this important? More than 300,000 Iowans have some kind of disability. They represent 11.7% of the civilian, noninstitutionalized population. Although many issues affect their lives, many Iowans with disabilities do not vote.

Possible activities to accomplish goals

  • Collaborate with two and four year colleges to promote voting of individuals with disabilities
  • Educate individuals with disabilities about their voting rights
  • Provide individual advocacy to individuals with disabilities whose voting rights have been violated.
  • Collaborate with the Secretary of State’s office to increase accessible voting options
  • Conduct a survey of congressional candidates on disability rights issues including access to accessible transportation, housing and long-term