Board of Directors Information

Disability Rights IOWA’s Board of Directors determines what issues will be included in our priorities each year. They set goals for our organization and review our policies and budgets to make sure our plans coordinate with those goals. Below, you can view their meeting schedule, list of members, and minutes about what happened at their latest meeting. A printable application is also available for those who wish to become a Board member.

Board Meeting Schedule

January 26, 2019
April 13, 2019
June 15, 2019
Sept 21, 2019

All Board of Directors meetings are held on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and are open to the public. 

Board List of Members

Doug Hillman, Polk County

Alesia Endres, Madison County

Bill Stumpf, Dubuque County

Brian Norberg, Polk County

Frank Tenuta, Woodbury County

Kyle Spading, Linn County

Harry Olmstead, Johnson County

Kevin Dalin, Polk County

Jim Andreassen, Polk County

Tara Rochleau, Hancock County

Tiffany Dodd, Grundy County

JIll Hartung, Polk County

Beth Wargo, Polk County

Maddison Miller, Polk County

Board of Directors Application

Please click on the link below to download an application to Disability Rights Iowa’s Board of Directors.

Disability Rights Iowa Board Application