Assistive Technology

Increasing assistive technology and services for individuals with disabilities in facilities and home and community based settings

Why is this important? Technology has become one of the main engines for economic activity, education and innovation in the United States.  Advancements in technology profoundly impact individuals with disabilities. Assistive technology device (AT), which is a subset of technology generally, are items, pieces of equipment,  or product systems (whether acquired commercially, modified or customized) which increase, maintain, or improve the functional capacities of individuals with disabilities, maintain health and enhance independence.  AT services are any service that directly assists an individual with a disability in selecting, acquiring, or using   AT devices.  However, assistive technology is often underfunded and individuals with disabilities do not realize the assistive technology that they might use to increase, maintain or improve their functional capacities.


Possible activities to accomplish goals


  • Conduct activities that lead to increased funding for assistive technology;
  • Provide individual advocacy to assist individuals with disabilities in securing assistive technology;
  • Provide advocacy and legal representation for individuals with disabilities to make system change;
  • Monitor intermediate care facilities and shelter workshops to determine adequacy of assistive technology devices and services;
  • Collaborate with other agencies focusing on assistive technology for rural and farm